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What’s New Check out the newest feature ‘NEWS’ that is now part of the Better Horses Network menu above. This exciting new section will be your source for tips from our experts, articles, and online Better Horses Network newspapers. Read how you can help your horse overcome obstacles on the trail by Craig Cameron, read up on ‘Walton Wisdom’ by Bill Walton, check out “Horsin Around” segment on the TV Show Ag Am In Kansas, and much more!  Hello friends and welcome to my April 18th Blog!			 I have to say I am really enjoying my journey with Better Horses Network.  I did make the big jump to 60 years old and been hearing that turning 60 is the new 40s?  That is really encouraging however I have to say one of the big differences is what my body feels like getting out of bed in the morning along with I have strong urges for naps and going to bed early.  With that being said, I have to say I am having a blast working for my sponsors in helping you “take your horse experience to a higher level”.   Last week we made it our 3rd year of taking the Better Horses Radio Road Show to the Hoosier Horse Fair in Indianapolis.  It is always great to work with the great young singer, Rusty Rierson at these events and we really appreciate having Purina Animal Nutrition sponsor us to be at their booth.  Remember if you are not presently feeding Purina Horse Feed, contact me to get you on the tremendous offer to give it a try.  You can call me at 785-418-6047 or email me at . When working with my horse or horses, I have realized after seeing Lew Sterrett’s program last week, I don’t do enough ground work.  My challenge to you is to before and after riding do your groundwork.  My ground work consisted of working with my 6 year old mare with a feed sack until she would let me put it on her head.  Compared to her first experience with the sack, she made huge improvements! Enjoy your horse and ride safe! Happy Trails and God Bless, Ernie Click here to check the ‘NEWS’ out now! The Better Horses Network is an online source dedicated to bring your Equine Experience to a higher level through education, superior products, and fun-filled events.
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